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The Sullivan Group is a professional art and design service that provides quality paintings and graphic design layouts for a variety of commercial and personal needs. As part of our ever growing group, we present our new e-commerce store "6 SISTERS". You can find the new store at www.6sisters.info. That's where you will see the latest design collections from professional and promising fashion artists. There are also the hundreds of great heat transfer designs provided by - EASY PRINTS.com® and Art4myshirt.com®. These companies provide us with the best industry standard plastisol inks and transfers. The images are silk screen printed onto transfer paper for heatpress application. This process does not involve the costly and messy process of silkscreen printing, but you get the same quality in inks and prints. Being able to maintain low stock and inventory is our way of being cost effective in every actual production run. These real-time savings are passed on to our valued customers. 6 SISTERS also creates custom in-house rhinestone designs, vinyl numbering & lettering and heatpress printing. Silkscreen printing and embroidery services are also available upon request. So if it’s oufitting the team or expressing the companys identity, TSG can provide the creative design layout and professional printing you will need. Our goal is to ALWAYS provide great customer service and outstanding apparel design and printing. We invite you to call on us anytime!



All-in-one development tools used for web design and social media.


Custom and stock design. Silkscreen printing.


Screen printed transfers offer a cost-efficient method to decorate apparel.


Stock t-shirt designs ranging from 2 - 5 $ per image.

art / design

Oil and Acrylic art. Gicle reproduced prints. Plus digital graphic art.

Layout and print design prices

Designs for logos, flyers, print layouts...


Need art? How about a book cover or a nice t-shirt design? The Sullivan Group can provide the production and design for business, home or play. This year we are proud to introduce-"6 SISTERS." Your one stop shopping for apparel design and print. From rhinestone and vinyl transfers, to plastisol ink printing. 6 SISTERS can provide the design and print production for heatpress, silkscreen printing or apparel embroidery. We have loads of fashionable custom designs and heat applied transfers to choose from. Feel free to download our 2016 TSG APPAREL catalog or go to our online - "you design studio". Please visit our portfolio galleries and view our latest in areas of classic art paintings as well as t-shirt and layout designs. We invite you to call on us anytime @ 404-884-2601 or Email us @ lrry_sllvn@yahoo.com

Our team

larry a. sullivan


Team leader in art/design & production

miles s. sullivan


Team leader in technical operations.

angela sullivan


Team leader in sales/design & Accounting.